Bi Metallic Bearing

  • SEA797 Leaded Bronze Bimetal Bearing

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    SEA797 Leaded Bronze Bimetal Bearing

    JF-800 bimetal bushing It is the substitute of and parallels in performance with abroad SAE797/792 .It is based upon steel and sintered with CuPb10Sn10 or CuSn6Zn6Pb3 as a lining layer.Read More

  • SAE 783 Bimetallic Bushing

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    SAE 783 Bimetallic Bushing

    SAE 783 Bimetallic Bushing is a high-tin aluminum bearing pad, using steel backing, coated with AlSn20Cu lining through rolling treatment, has good fatigue resistance, bearing capacity and good corrosion resistance.Read More

  • Graphite Lubricating Bronze Powder Bushing

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    Graphite Lubricating Bronze Powder Bushing

    Solid-lubricated bearing metal back bronze powder (JF-850SM) bushing is metal-supported bronze alloy graphite oil bushings. They are metal materials that rely on special sintered materials and steel as sliding surfaces for composite multilayer sleeves.Read More

  • Lead Free Bimetallic Bearings

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    Lead Free Bimetallic Bearings

    JF930 lead-free bimetallic bearings is a kind of environmentally friendly bimetallic bearings, it is a low carbon steel plate as the substrate, the surface of sintered CuSn6.5P0.1 material steel copper alloy products. products with high fatigue strength and bearing capacity, good sliding performance, in many occasions, can replace the lead...Read More

  • SAE 799 Bimetallic Bearing

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    SAE 799 Bimetallic Bearing

    Jf-720 bimetallic bearing is a product of the surface sintered CuPb24Sn4 alloy. The product has good fatigue strength and load bearing capacity. Suitable for medium speed and oil lubrication. The surface plating soft alloy can be used as a high-speed internal combustion engine bearing and connecting rod liner to achieve good wear-resisting and...Read More

  • SAE 48 Bimetallic Bearing

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    SAE 48 Bimetallic Bearing

    JF-700 is a bi-metal bushing with lining steel as backing and sintered CuPb30 as lining. Has good anti-occlusion, foreign body pollution and other properties. Under high-speed, medium- and low-load conditions, some soft alloys need to be plated and are mainly used in internal combustion engines, main bush and connecting rod bushing.Read More

  • Solid Lubricant Bronze Powder Bearings

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    Solid Lubricant Bronze Powder Bearings

    JF-850BM solid lubricating liner is embedded with a special solid lubricant embedded in the alloy layer based on the JF-800 bimetallic material. Due to the high strength, high load-carrying capacity and helically distributed diamond embedded with solid lubricants, the lubrication area of the bushing surface is 25%, and the bushing exhibits good...Read More

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